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foto av Clay Shirky på en scene foran en håndskrevet plakat med teksten Facebook

Is it possible to replace Facebook?

According to internet expert Clay Shirky, Facebook is now so big it cannot be replaced by a competitor anymore. This is an English language version of Er Facebook blitt uerstattelig? published yesterday. When Clay Shirky visited Norway last week, I got the opportunity to interview him for the NRK P2 show Kurer.

Hurtigruten: 5 day TV marathon in the midnight sun

The article and all pictures used are licensed under Creative Commons, you can use all of it or parts of it in whatever way you find suitable, as long as you attribute it with the following text and clickable link to this page: Content licensed under Creative Commons Source: Norsk versjon av artikkel […]

The future of public service broadcasting

This op-ed was printed in Wired Italy, June 2010. You can read more about this blog at our english about-page. Norwegian intro: Tidligere i vår ble jeg bedt om å skrive en kronikk for Wired Italia. Den stod på trykk i juninummeret og som vanlig prøver vi å publisere våre eksterne medieinnspill her på NRKbeta […]

NRK P3 Spotify Playlists – The beauty of open access to data

Ved å bruke Spotifys nye Metadata API, kan vi nå lage en oppdatert side med Spotify-lenker for NRK P3s A, B og C-lister. Empire State of Mind med Jay-Z og Alicia Keys ligger på P3s A-liste denne uka. Resten av artikkelen er på engelsk. Two days ago Spotify announced a public Spotify Metadata API. This […]

Congratulations – you just wet your pants

(Norwegian info: Dette er en engelsk versjon av «gratulerer med våte bukser».) Picture: «Fail» – av Nima Badiey med en Creative Commons 2.0-lisens. You may know the expression «peeing in your pants to keep warm». It means that to pee in your pants to stay warm, may be a good tactic at the moment. But […]

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation sets up its own bittorrent tracker

Information in Norwegian: Dette er en engelsk artikkel som informerer om at NRK har satt opp sin egen BitTorrent-tracker. Noe som kan være av internasjonal interesse. Vi har også en egen artikkel som forklarer hvorfor vi av og til skriver på engelsk her på NRKbeta. Oppdatering: her er den norske versjonen av denne nyheten. («The […]

NRK pulls «Our daily Beatles» podcast because of rights

(this is an English version of NRK må dessverre stoppe «Vår daglige Beatles» – for our international readers) Yesterday we wrote that NRK is podcasting all 212 episodes of the radio series «Our daily Beatles» – with the original music – for free. Some thought this was too good to be true. And it was… […]

Last ned alt av «The Beatles» – og historien om hver enkelt låt

English summary at the bottom of the article! Update Beklager – men vi har måttet stenge podkasten. Sorry – we had to pull the podcast. The Beatles – bilde fra The library of Congress Som du kanskje har fått med deg, kan vi i NRK nå legge ut alle programmer med mindre enn 70% musikk […]

Video test clips from Canon 5D Mark II gets analyzed

(Info in Norwegian: Denne artikkelen er på engelsk fordi den kan ha internasjonal interesse. Og til dere som er lei av Canon 5D: bare hopp over denne artikkelen og gled dere til det andre vi har utsatt litt fordi denne nye dingsen kan se ut til å endre litt av måten vi jobber på i […]

More images from the Commodore stand at IFA

This post proved more popular than we could imagine. So, for the curtesy of our international readers we’ll give you the rest of our images from what Commodore had to show at IFA 2008. These are the images. Specs and stuff are covered by the good guys over at liliputing, Engadget, and at the Register. […]

NRK goes OpenID

Today NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, decided to become an OpenID provider in the near future. The Norwegian public service broadcaster needs to register users for comment and discussion services, access to geo-restricted video material and blogs among other things. The growth in user generated material, interaction with users and increased flow across NRK’s various […]

The NRKbeta doctrine

(Norsk versjon rett under den engelske) English version Some weeks ago NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting put up one of the most popular shows in Norway on bittorrent. For free, with no DRM, no country restrictions. It has been a huge success and so far about 100 000 episodes have been downloaded by our readers! After […]

Thoughts on BitTorrent distribution for a public broadcaster

A while after we did our successful experiment with BitTorrent distribution I was interviewed by the German news web site Digg this story! The article is in German, but my original conversation with Mr. Wulf Rohwedder is in english. Because it reveals some of my thoughts about this project I decided to share it […]

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) makes popular series available DRM-free via BitTorrent

As one of many ways to reach people with our content we have decided to do an experiment and make one of our most popular television series available through BitTorrent.This technology makes it possible for us to make our content available in a very high quality without having to invest in large server farms and […]