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Friday November 27th, over 1,2 million Norwegians watched parts of «Bergensbanen» on NRK2. The longest documentary ever? At least the longest we have made, almost 7 1/2 hours, showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo.

Bergensbanen is 100 years in 2009, and the documentary was a wild idea from NRK staff that came through, and was, surprisingly, a big success.

On Twitter, this became the thing to talk about in Norway. Over 1 000 tweets with #bergensbanen were posted, and even more when we ran the program again two days later.

Norwegian version – see «Bergensbanen – klar for avgang»


Now we want to give the material to our viewers, the whole thing, for download.

The documentary had picture-in-picture clips with videos about Bergensbanen, a reporter interviewing people on the train, music and two cameras pointing to the sides of the train. Because of rights, we had to remove the music and many videoclips, so we decided to make a clean front camera version for this download. It’s recorded on a Sony 700 camera in XDCAM HD 1080 50i. The camera has a 30 seconds buffer, making it possible to switch disks when needed. So we have a continuous recording of 7 hours.


The original file was 165 GB, too much for most people to download. We coded a 720 50P, 1280×720 version, resulting in a 22 GB file. You need a filesystem on your drive that takes files bigger than 4 GB. Most external drives have a FAT32 filesystem, which has a limit of 4 GB. NTFS and HFS+ works fine.

Download the torrentfile here.

Update: The original HD-file is now out

We have published a HUGE 246 GB file. The article describing it is only in Norwegian, but the basics are: It’s an Apple ProRes file, it’s 246 GB and the adress to the torrentfile is:

More information on our bittorent services, see se (in Norwegian). More about NRKbeta (in English).

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If you understand Norwegian, we’re running a competition with a chance to win a HD videocamera. See the Norwegian version of this article

Here’s a 10 minute video, from Finse where the scenes from Hoth in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back were filmed.

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