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Friday November 27th, over 1,2 million Norwegians watched parts of «Bergensbanen» on NRK2. The longest documentary ever? At least the longest we have made, almost 7 1/2 hours, showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo.

Bergensbanen is 100 years in 2009, and the documentary was a wild idea from NRK staff that came through, and was, surprisingly, a big success.

On Twitter, this became the thing to talk about in Norway. Over 1 000 tweets with #bergensbanen were posted, and even more when we ran the program again two days later.

Norwegian version – see «Bergensbanen – klar for avgang»


Now we want to give the material to our viewers, the whole thing, for download.

The documentary had picture-in-picture clips with videos about Bergensbanen, a reporter interviewing people on the train, music and two cameras pointing to the sides of the train. Because of rights, we had to remove the music and many videoclips, so we decided to make a clean front camera version for this download. It’s recorded on a Sony 700 camera in XDCAM HD 1080 50i. The camera has a 30 seconds buffer, making it possible to switch disks when needed. So we have a continuous recording of 7 hours.


The original file was 165 GB, too much for most people to download. We coded a 720 50P, 1280×720 version, resulting in a 22 GB file. You need a filesystem on your drive that takes files bigger than 4 GB. Most external drives have a FAT32 filesystem, which has a limit of 4 GB. NTFS and HFS+ works fine.

Download the torrentfile here.

Update: The original HD-file is now out

We have published a HUGE 246 GB file. The article describing it is only in Norwegian, but the basics are: It’s an Apple ProRes file, it’s 246 GB and the adress to the torrentfile is:

More information on our bittorent services, see se (in Norwegian). More about NRKbeta (in English).

Creative Commons

We have chosen to make the train journey available with a Creative Commons-license.

You are free to…

to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work.
to Remix — to adapt the work

You can edit the work, color correct it, put on graphics, play backwards, anything, as long as you follow the terms in the license.

Under the following conditions…

Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

All your derivative works must be marked with the URL to If you make something for the web, the link should be clickable. Videos should have both a clickable link in the text description and this text superimposed at the end:

«Bergensbanen» – NRK

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Everything you make from our work, must have the same Creative Commons license. Which rules out using other people’s work (unless they also are Creative Commons or similiar), because you have to share your work with the same license.

Commercial use

The work is also licensed for commercial use. But again, you have to make your work available with the same Creative Commons license.



You can share and remix the work – also commercially – as long as you credit NRK and link to and use the same Creative Commons license on your work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web page.


If you understand Norwegian, we’re running a competition with a chance to win a HD videocamera. See the Norwegian version of this article

Here’s a 10 minute video, from Finse where the scenes from Hoth in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back were filmed.

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  1. Framifrå tiltak, men hva med å også poste separate time for time-torrenter slik at man slipper å laste ned de traurige strektningene (ie. Hønefoss -> Oslo S)? 🙂

  2. Artig at det var 1,4 (engelske?) seere her, mens i den norske artikkelen så var det bare 1,2 mill.
    Supert tiltak!

  3. Vil bare si at dere har tullet til deinterlacingen, og dobblet alle frames, istedet for å ha 25p, har dere 50p, ekstremt waste of space.

  4. […] I just got home from my historical train club VVM’s xmas party, just to find this. Just the right thing for all us ferrosexuals. The Norwegian broadcaster NRK recently made a 7 hour program about the very scenic train journey from Bergen to Oslo. The program was hugely successful (the TV version offered interviews and various things along the ride). The raw film from the front camera is now being offered as a free Bittorrent download under a CC license. […]

  5. Torrents are yesteryear

    Shame there isn’t a real host such as Rapidshare or something to get sections in rar pieces you could assemble when done downloading… torrents are simply too slow to consider the time.

  6. @Torrents are yesteryear: You are free to repack and distribute it on rapidshare to help others who doesn’t like torrents.

  7. Would love to get the side-camera footage as well. I have some interesting processing ideas for that. (Those who understand slit-scan photography will know where I’m going with this.)

  8. Beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Just a slight disapointment: the sound doesn’t appear to be the original sound; at times the train is stopped in a station and we still hear a moving train sound. Is it just me having synchronisation problems?

    The choice of a torrent is fine with me, allowing a download in one piece without an unwieldly reassembly in the end. The download took me just 735 minutes.

  9. Just finished downloading it and I noticed something a bit odd as I skimmed through it:

    Whenever the train goes into a tunnel, the screen greys out instead of turning black as you would expect.

    Is this happening for anyone else?

    (OS X 10.6.2 / Quicktime Player X)

  10. @Oyvind –
    Great post! Please link to this page on .

    As the comments show, people are hungry for more great NRK content!

  11. Can we have a shorter DivX version please?
    I am sure most people are’nt as lucky as the Scandinavians to have blazing fast broadband.
    22 GB is huge!

    Please, can somebody encode it into something smaller?

    THank you.

  12. Hi Greg,
    I noticed, too, that black is rendered as noisy gray. Also using Mac/Quicktime.
    Other than that, a great video!
    BTW, the torrent ran fast. I DLed in 26hrs and will continue to seed.

  13. Hello from Australia,
    where we are fighting just to maintain uncensored net access ( ), let alone ensure proper broadband for everybody.

    In short – 22gb is beyond my net access, so it’d be great if either

    a) you made a smaller version available

    b) the journey was broken up into sections, so we could at least taste some of the journey.

    cheers from oz~!

    Can we have a shorter DivX version please?
    I am sure most people are’nt as lucky as the Scandinavians to have blazing fast broadband.
    22 GB is huge!

    Please, can somebody encode it into something smaller?

    THank you.

  14. […] Download Bergensbanen in HD The longest documentary ever? At least the longest we have made, almost 7 1/2 hours, showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo. (tags: online free video travel movies documentary) […]

  15. I was not successful downloading the file. When I clicked on «Download the torrentfile here.», a small (217 kb) file was saved on my computer. However, I was not able to open it.

    Can you please help. Thank you.

    Steve Liu, Washington State, USA

  16. Greg/Hummel,
    I originally tried playing it using QuickTine on a Windows XP PC and had the same problem that the black inside tunnels appears as grey noise.

    However I also tried Miro and VLC players and both of those render the video correctly. Both of those players are freeware.



  17. Martin P,
    Thank you! Indeed it works fine with VLC. I never even thought to try it in another player. Doh!
    Thank you too to NRK! An amazing video.
    – Hummel

  18. The 9,5 minute version is shown on my blog for the next two days or so. It has been put there as an example for our Dutch Railways (NS) and the rail maintenance company called ProRail.

    It seems both can’t handle one single snowflake. Almost all train traffic in Holland suddenly came to a grinding halt since the very first snowflake fell last thursday morning.

    Again, let Norske Bergbanen be their example!

  19. The downside to this video is the logo being in the too corner the entire time. 7 hours of pixels not changing can lead to/cause burn in. Please strongly consider this for the next video.

  20. He he – Det bedste fra Norge siden Brødrene Dahl og Professor Drøvels hemmlighed!! You rock!

    @antiplanner – That’s 22 Gb as in GIGAbyte not MEGAByte.

  21. […] A TV station in Norway decided (brilliantly) that it would be fun to film the entire length of one of their most scenic train routes in HD. All 7.5 hours of the ride. The results are stunning and hypnotic. Reminds me a lot of the Norwegian film about a retiring train conductor, O’Horten, that I projected at Telluride a couple years ago. Below is a 10-minute clip of the trip, but you can download the entire thing here. […]

  22. Congratulations for the idea, but nobody outside your country will be able to download the show.
    Started the download on 12/23 at 10am, at 6pm I have only 230Mb downloaded meaning it will take one year for a full download. NRK should install the program on more computers/servers to share the show as most employees are in vacation.

  23. @ranopolo, I disagree completely. I’m in the US and was able to download the entire video very quickly. I think your understanding of the nature of torrents is slightly limited.

    @Øyvind Solstad I understand. However, not everyone has newer televisions on which to watch this, as even CRT’s can burn in. I agree with the need to have it there, perhaps move it around a little, or make it slightly more transparent. Anyway it doesn’t impact me directly, just a thought for others. Love the video, keep up the good work.

  24. I have a project in mind at home that this footage would be perfect for, but I would want the original 1080i50 footage without the tunnel and station pop-up text. Ideally the corner logo would go away too. Thank you for bringing this to the web. I had no trouble with it on bittorrent.

    I’m hoping that the project is published widely.. if this is interesting to you with full credit for the video, please contact me.

  25. The footage looks great on my HDTV. The 1080 source would look even better. 🙂

    The blue popups and the …DING!… that goes along with them are very distracting. The dings are too loud relative to the ambient noise, and the popups would’ve been done better as text at the bottom left corner, «MTV music video» style.

    But hey, everyone’s a critic. 😉

  26. Thanks to the CC-license that this video have, I’ve made a time laps (fast forward) version of the video that is only 7 minutes 14 seconds long. You can watch it on my blog with description of the process making it (click here for the Norwegian version of the post).

    Only 1 day left for the rerun of Bergensbanen, I might watch (part of) it again.

  27. @Marc

    Thank you for your king words but my understanding of Torrents is not sightly limited, 5 to 10 seeds max and 1 to 2 peers max is sightly limited. This download will have no life if nobody want to share it.

    My download is still running, after 30 hours 1Gb downloaded that is why I suggested NRK2 to install the movie on few computers allowing uploads

  28. @Øyvind – I am only seeing a few peers too. It’s not only Ranpolo. I’ve tried it from several computers (at home, at work etc…), using several different bittorent clients, and all see only about 5 peers at most. There is something wrong on the tracker end I’ll bet, but I can’t offer any suggestions as to what it could be!

  29. Not the tracker.. if it was the tracker this is what everyone would see. Still hundreds of people on the torrent. There are a hundred reasons why you might only see a few. Google, it will help you.

  30. […] from a holiday party. Which is why, this holiday season, I really enjoyed watching a video of the Norwegian Bergensbanen. Just a train, driving through the snow. Awesome. Watch it, and then go set your tree on […]

  31. Wish you would make a Blu-ray of the entire broadcast and make it in NTSC as well. I would like to purchase a copy for the US.

  32. I downloaded via torrent so many thanks seeders. Download time about 48 hours, saved on back-up drive.

    We are playing the video on TV via S-video cable. kids, aged 4 and 5 are working on little projects but following the video off and on. there are many shots that continue through tunnels but a sign drops telling the name and length of the tunnels. The kids like to count along for the shorter tunnels until the train emerges so the video darkness actually ends up being fun for them. We are also looking up the towns on Google maps following the route the train takes. On the whole a lot of fun for all and a chance to look at Norway from here in Vermont.

    Cheers and thanks again NRK and all involved.

  33. All – it turns out that certain clients do not agree with the tracker. I tried Transmission on a couple machines and that only saw a few peers. I also tried command-line bittorrent clients on a couple remote machines on entirely different networks with the same result. However, Vuze works fine, and now I’m getting much better speeds. I’m puzzled as to why this is, but I’m happy that it’s working well now. Perhaps others with problems should try Vuze?

  34. a fabulous film of the Bergen to Oslo train link,congratulations to those that made it..certainly a magical
    journey,a film that must have positive vibes for Norway and
    its professionalism in the public services,which can not be said
    for the train services,and recent farcical events with the
    Eurostar link between Paris and london which came to a halt due
    to a few flurries of snow shame on Britain !

  35. Pure awesomeness!

    Imagine making a Blu-Ray PS3 game with this footage, the footage is so smooth that it’s perfectly usable for a VIDEO GAME, eg. shooting down UFO’s etc…


  36. Say, folks at NRK: How’s about making a set of regular, not BluRay DATA dvds and put the 22GB files on it? At the rate I have here, even with HUNDREDS of seeders , the transmission rate varies over a factor of more that 100 !!!

    Set any reasonable price and mail it – I’ll be happy to pay it, for I despair of ever getting the download completed correctly, AND , in any case, there should be a market for the DVDs that I am requesting, from many people who face a similar problem that I have here. Even tho the DL link often runs at a rate of 4 – 6 Mb, it does so ONLY from an FTP or HTTP download site: I have never had any torrent anywheres near the direct DL speed – right now, it’s at 28kbps, with a total of 485 M downloaded in the past 5 hours.

    Thank you – – – Walt Storer

  37. This footage is absolutely beautiful. Norway, you are simply gorgeous. I am watching this for the second time through – this time following the route on Google Maps. Please make the 1020p footage available. This is stunning! Thank you to whoever took the risk to make this happen. Kudos to all involved. Question: When was this footage shot? It looks to be in late Autumn. Was it 2009?

  38. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one following along on google maps 🙂

    The scenery often reminded me of Oregon in the US.. only I saw just the one «trailer park» on this video. 😛

  39. random question.. has anyone tried to stream this to the ps3 through a dlna server? It plays perfectly in windows but I can’t get it to stream to the ps3 to save my life.

  40. Concerning a PS3 game: try to find Railfan (Japan only) – photos and video from Railfan

    To stream this on PS3 use AviSynth and FFMpegSource:
    There will be a delay on the first run (index will be generated), but after that it’s ok.

    As for downloading speed, some torrent clients have a problem when downloading extremely large files: they slow down. Try another client.

    I’ve reencoded this video to 720×400, it’s now 4GB in size. Torrent is on TPB and other ‘pirate’ sites, also here:
    Quality is good, but HD version is hands-down better. If you have resources, download the whole 22GB.

    Thanks to NRK, this video is awesome.

  41. NRK please – make this available via DVD so us «ex-pats» can purchase copies and send them back home without having to download it first. A job well done!

  42. @Ilja Zverev: Your suggestion leads me down a path to possible resolution, but doesn’t provide any thought of what the issue is or what needs to be done. I certainly don’t want to down-convert the video… but otherwise have no idea what your assumed next step might be

  43. Marc, create a file bergensbaume.avs with the following line:
    Install AviSynth and extract ffms2.dll and ffms2.avsi into program files\avisynth\plugins.
    Then open bergensbaume.avs in any media player and wait.
    After the train started moving, close the video and open in on PS3 through media server. It should work.

    I don’t know what DLNA is, but this mp4 is not suitable for streaming, so without any conversion PS3 won’t read it.

    The video index in source video is not in the beginning of mp4 file, but in the end. For some reason, ffdshow (used in mencoder which is used in ps3 media servers) fails to open such files, but ffmpeg and VLC do it fine.

    Also, NRK, I’d be happy to buy this video on blu-ray, FYI.

  44. Thanks NRK for this great video! But I’ll also echo the multiple requests for access to the original 165 GB file. Disk space is cheaper and broadband more ubiquitous that you may be giving us credit for!

  45. Well folks, The download finally finished; started about 1830 on 25 December, finished at about 1900 on 29 December, or 96 hours – actually about 5 hours less , since I had to stop the DL several times for unrelated processes. That is on a 4 -5 mbps link, but OF COURSE the name «torrent» being a misnomer ( peak DL rate about 25% of available) is where most of the time went.

    Otherwise, the file is perfect and totally amazing – I’ve never seen any other project such as this before, and for NO charge – Thank you NRK etal!

    The only way I would be interested in the original 165GB file is if it was distributed on disk – even so, that’s about 40 regular DVDs!

    Happy New Year to all –

    Walt S.

  46. @Ilja Zverev: Thanks for the detailed explanation, both on how to convert and what the root cause of streaming failure is. However, while I was successfully able to run the command and the operation performed as you stated, the video file remained unchanged (verified by no change in modified timestamp), though it did create a filename.mp4.ffindex (59.6mb). I even copied this new file to the media share alongside the main filename.mp4 to stream and received the same corrupted data error. Any other thoughts are always appreciated.

  47. Will only play in vlc, nothing else will render this movie.

    Installed codec packs, ffd show, media splitters etc etc, wont open in the editors i have tried.

    gpot and avid codec show no information, and vlc says avc1 codec, but it wont play on other players.

    My goal is to use windows media player 11 and an xbox 360 to play it on my tv.

    Can anyone help? thank you, takk.

  48. Ok i made progress, installing nero reencode makes it play on every player!

    Xbox says no to playing still, nero encode will also re encode it too.

  49. Thank you so much for posting this. What an amazingly beautiful country. It’s hard to imagine just how much more wonderful scenery there is outside of the view of the camera. I feel like I’ve taken a trip to Norway but didn’t have to deal with airport security or the 14 hour flight. Thanks again!

  50. Ok after a huge amount of messing about, here is how to get this file to be recognised as a proper mp4, including the xbox 360 and i assume ps3

    1)crop/Split video with software called yamb (editing then split), ie take one second off the start of the video, this enables mkvmerge to see the file.

    2) Open this new file with mkvmerge(gui) this will convert the new MP4 to MKV format.

    4)Open this mkv file in yamb and choose creation and create an MP4 for the mkv file.

    You have no idea how long that took me to get it working lol.

  51. @danielbb: Step 1 alone worked for the PS3. I trimmed the second off the front, and streamed it to the PS3 and it played perfectly. Comparing the GSpot results for this new file versus the original, only difference is the version of the MP4.. (v2 in original, v1 in the modified file from yamb). Thank you greatly for pointing the way…

  52. Yes marc, i found that after step one alone everything would see and play it fine, accept the xbox 360 which needed the addictional steps, thats microsoft for you lol. The mkv software fixes something to do with framerate

    Im glad it helped you. 🙂

  53. @danielbb: after one play, it again says its corrupt, and its sitting on a readonly share! ..time to play with it some more…

  54. I’d love to see the full source video be available for download, or the DVD being offered in Blu-Ray.

  55. Question: Is this ride from Bergen to Oslo better (more beautiful), then Oslo – Bergen?

  56. […] var et godt år for NRKbeta. Vi publiserte mange saker som skapte debatt og som mange folk leste. Vi kunne alltids laget en “Året som gikk”-post for 2009, i samme stil som “Uka […]

  57. if you make the full 165 GIG file available, i will down load and seed for a long time.

    thank you

  58. […] to Olso in 7 hours -movie! Real time! 7 hours of footage! Awesome. Here’s the link to the site with the complete movie, and below is a little montage to whet your appetite. Now imagine taking a transatlantic flight or […]

  59. Thank you. Fascinating. I would have liked one more fact about the film: The date & time it was shot.

    And while I am wishing: a link to the railway timetable, or a few googlemap links … I can find Oslo and Bergen, yes, but a handfull of the towns along the way…

    Thanks again.

  60. @Msquare: If you look on google maps, the grey line for the rail line is visible the entire way. Just might need to zoom a little closer.

  61. What a tremendous performance from NSB and NRK! Thanks to all! 🙂

    Two questions (Øyvind Solstad?)
    1) When was this filmed?
    2) What rolling stock (train equipment) was used on this trip?

    Thanks! – Larry

  62. Hallo from Greece;) I downloaded the movie and I must say it is the most complete cab ride footage out there!Bravo!Now i have some question about the train…What train is this?It’s a loco hauled train or a EMU??I thing it’s a loco hauled train with NSB Electric locomotive class El 18..but maybe I’m wrong…Does anyone know?:)

  63. Thanks, Bjørn!

    If we’re on an El 18 locomotive, who do we hear laughing and talking almost continuously during the trip? The conversation made me think it was an EMU, but the obvious lack of tilt ruled out Class 73. Quite a puzzle!

    Still to discover: what day was it filmed?

    – Larry (looking forward to viewing the next stage of the adventure, east from Flå!)

  64. Thank you Bjørn H;)

    Larry I had the same sence too because of the laughing and talking..The sound gives you a sence that you are in a coach behind the locomotive among the passengers…Also the horn of the loco sounds very distant in some moments..

  65. Translated News Service from the Norwegian version of the thread (you can also use the google translator) – the FULL 265GB HD version is now available in ProRes. (I suspect this really is a test of bittorrents capabilities 🙂 My Bittorrent server (that has enough disk for this) is down due to redecoration at home, back real soon)

    The other major news is that the competition is extended to 1st March

    I am still waiting for my «inspiration» for Internet fame on this ….

  66. Kaare K. Johnsen

    Jeg har et problem som jeg håper noen kan hjelpe meg med: Når mp4-filen (22 GB) skal redigeres i TMPGEnc Authoring Works, så skjer det merkelige at alt som er svart inni tunnelene, blir hvitt! (Når jeg bare ser på videoen med f.eks. VLC, er alt OK.) Er det noen som har en løsning på å få det svarte til å bli værende svart? Det blir for øvrig riktig god billedkvalitet når 22 GB-versjonen gjøres om til DVD og fordeles på fire DVD-er á 4.7 GB, så jeg trenger ikke monsterfilen.

    Takk til NRK som har lagt ut videoen til nedlasting – veldig bra! Det er jo denne versjonen med kamera bare rett fremover som burde ha vært vist på TV, uten all den forstyrrende musikken og de delvis forstyrrende bi-innslagene (de kunne man heller vist i et eget program om Bergensbanen).

    Men det er synd at filmen – og opplevelsen – blir skjemmet av at kamera står merkbart skjevt helt fra Nesbyen til Oslo, dvs i 3 timer, nesten halve filmen. Først etter halvannen time, i Vikersund, gjøres det et mislykket forsøk på å rette det opp, og et nytt mislykket forsøk i Drammen. Så jeg håper dere passer bedre på neste gang!

    Til de som lurer på når det ble filmet, så har jeg lest et sted at det var 9. oktober 2009. (In English: It was filmed on October 9th, 2009.)

  67. Kaare K. Johnsen

    Please excuse my above comment in Norwegian, I overlooked that this page was in English. So I’ll rephrase my comment in English:

    I hope someone can help me with a big problem with the mp4 video (the 22 GB file): When I open it in TMPGEnc Authoring Works, something strange happens – everything that is pitch black inside a tunnel, turns to white in TMPGEnc. And it is still white when I output the file in DVD format. But when I just show the mp4 file in VLC or some other media player, it’s OK – black is black. So how can I get TMPGEnc to NOT change pitch black to white?

    To those who wonder when the film was shot: I read somewhere that it was on October 9th, 2009.

  68. Hello from Greece. Congratulations for this amazing documentary or should I say journey across Norway? I want to ask if you plan to do more videos like this (high quality and long time).

    Congrats once again.

  69. It’s very nice. Please post the full HD footage too ! Using academic networks, bandwidth is no problem (i downloaded the 720p footage in a couple of hours).


  70. «It’s recorded on a Sony 700 camera in XDCAM HD 1080 50i. »

    here is an example of the torrent 720 HD version, as you can see there’s some serious problems with the quality of the torrent Encode, those horizontal lines on the track etc, it really spoils the original quality that the XDCAM HD 1080 50i can produce.

    can i ask were i can find clips or the whole the Original Sony 700 camera in XDCAM HD 1080 50i footage untouched by any crappy encoder settings that the online streaming Youtube or the torrent encoding app you used that produced such sub sub optimal downscaled output of the supplied torrent please?

    WE NEED as Much original highest quality DCAM HD 1080 50i CC footage as is possible, we can downscale and otherwise mess and lower its final production size later, and yet keep the quality if we have access to the original masters and clips directly from there.

  71. Yura Mikhailov (South-West Siberia)

    Marvelous film! Norsk nature so strong and beautiful. Takk for free downloading this video!
    All the best!

  72. Aksel Carl Hundal

    Ps: Ser ikke ut til å være noen problemer med den Norske versjonen, men har lyst til å sende link til noen Engelske venner.

  73. Thanks! Downloading now. Too bad there’s a dirt (dark dot) on the camera lens in the upper right area 🙁

  74. Bo Zacharriasenn

    uTorrent 2.0.1 return «invalid torrent file» when trying to dl 22 GB version.

  75. Amazing video! One of the best videos of all time. Incredible to see Norway from a high quality video on a train!

    4 more hours to go and enjoying it !

  76. Brilliant video! My wife and I enjoyed seeing the gorgeous scenery of Norway. Hopefully we will see it in person one day. Thank you for producing this video for everyone to see!

  77. I’m a train enthusiast from Switzerland and stumbled upon this video by accident. I love, love, love this. I’m currently two hours in and still very much enjoying it.

    Question: where would I go to learn the meaning of the various signs along the track? While I can read all Swiss signs and most German ones, I have some trouble with many Norwegians I was seeing so far.

    Any pointers?

  78. Hey….How do you play this file on youre PS3 from a USB, NOT streaming from a pc, but from the usb port on the ps3 ???….Hope you can help me…….:)

  79. Привет всем! Форум просто супер =)

    [Hi everyone! Forum just super =)]

  80. […] af ens iPod Touch/iPhone/Android mobil logger man på nettet på vej til skolen. Man googler efter .torrent-filen af den norske 8 timers lange dokumentarfilm “Bergensbanen” i HD (den er lovlig ja!), og […]

  81. Hello everyone.
    I really appreciate that NRK made this train journey available as a download. Thanks a lot!
    And to all the people still seeding the 246GB torrent of the ProRes422 file: PLEASE KEEP SEEDING. I`ll do the same for others once I finish the download. Still a few days to go though. Happy travelling. All the best from Switzerland.

  82. […] Bergensbanen in HD – 2009. aastal sai Norra Bergensbaneni nimeline raudteemarsruut 100 aastaseks ja selle sündmuse puhul valmis Norra telekanali NRK eestvedamisel 7 ja poole tunnine dokumentaalfilm, millega on jäädvustatud kogu 496 kilomeetrine rongisõit ühel ilusal, päikesepaistelisel päeval. Kellel kannatust 22 GB faili jaoks pole, siis YouTube pakub ka võimalust reis kaasa teha läbi 44 10-minutilise osa. […]

  83. Extraordinary images. I have seen a part for Youtube and have remained impressed. The small only one I trump that I see him to the recording it is that the chamber appears a bit down, if the central point of the setting was little mas up veria better the landscape, in my opinion.
    In what I do not catch on, due to my void Englishman, it is in the way of the original one of 22 disburdening gb but with a bit of help that I will obtain.
    Does someone know that day recorded the trip?
    Regards from Spain
    Extraordinarias imagenes. He visto una parte por Youtube y he quedado impresionado. El unico pequeño fallo que yo le veo a la grabacion es que la camara apunta un poco hacia abajo, si el punto central del encuadre estuviera un poco mas hacia arriba se veria mejor el paisaje, en mi opinion.
    En lo que no me aclaro, debido a mi nulo ingles, es en la forma de descargarme el original de 22 gb pero con un poco de ayuda se que lo conseguiré .
    Alguien sabe que dia se grabó el viaje?
    Saludos desde España

  84. NRK, thanks for this wonderful footage. Good job! And thank you so much for making it available for free.

    Have watched the first 2h30m of it, really relaxing and mezmerizing. I’m planning to go up north again this summer and this only makes me want it more!

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  85. What it would be very nice it is that the Norwegian television was returning to record the same distance, but this time in the opposite direction, from Oslo to Bergen, this way veriamos the landscape to the complete one. Regards
    Lo que estaría muy bien es que la television noruega volviera a grabar el mismo trayecto, pero esta vez en direccion contraria, desde Oslo a Bergen, así veriamos el paisaje al completo. Saludos

  86. […] INFOKADER Noorwegen in een notendop bestaat in verschillende varianten, waarvan 'Oslo-Bergen' (of andersom) de meest uitgebreide is. Het is ook mogelijk om vanuit Bergen een dagtrip te maken naar de Flåmsbane. Meer informatie: en Ter ere van het 100 jarig jubileum filmde de Noorse omroep een aantal jaar geleden het hele trace. Beleef de treinreis vanuit je luie stoel via […]

  87. […] public broadcaster NRK. Following the success of the screening of the train ride from Bergen to Oslo, they are now filming the entire (5+ days) journey of the boat trip from Bergen to […]

  88. Magnus Andersen

    Finnes det en GPS-logg eller lignende over sendingen fra Bergensbanen, og er det i såfall mulig å få tilgang til denne?

  89. […] by a Hurtigruten ship travelling the coastline of Norway. Last year they tried an experiment of broadcasting an 8 hour train journey in real time – and viewing figures went through the roof. Norway is blessed by […]

  90. It is a bit strange that since so many likes norwegian landscapes and trains, and ofc this was a huge success, the norwegians should do this to other parts of Norway too. Like «Flåmbanen» and the one «Dombås-Åndalsnes» and maybe with bus and a ferry to Molde 🙂 (with a camera on the ferry, not bus on ferry).
    Why just Bergensbanen, when this was such a success and good advertisement for Norway? Be creative!

    • Kaare K. Johnsen (svar til Nikolai Hoftun)

      Flåmsbanen minute by minute has been made – it was sent on TV in September 2010. NRK has also filmed the route for the bicycle race Birkebeinerrittet, filmed from a motorbike, and you can watch it here (not sent on TV):
      Otherwise I agree with you – they should make many more! (And they probably will make some.)

  91. Ronald Meesters

    Dear sir/madam
    I was downloading the 22 Gb version and not yet finished. Now this is removed and replaced by the 264 Gb version. Is it possible to re-post the 22 Gb version? Thanks.
    Ronald Meesters, The Netherlands.

  92. Could you please put the long version back on the net?
    It’s unavailable 🙁

    I had the film but lost it after a crash, love to set it on the big screen when I have visitors over.


  93. […] di attenzione per questi percorsi su rotaia, che nel 2009 la tv pubblica norvegese ha realizzato un documentario, con tanto di video integrale di 7 ore, per pubblicizzare la tratta Oslo-Bergen, inaugurata nel […]

  94. […] A viagem entre Oslo e Bergen (Bergen Railway) é uma atracção em si. A reserva no site dos transportes públicos noruegueses é fácil e permite a escolha dos lugares, assim como fazer upgrade para os lugares conforto (mais espaço e café grátis) por um valor reduzido. O comboio passa pelo parque natural Hardangervidda e, de repente, parece que estamos no local mais isolado do planeta. No 100° aniversário da linha, em 2009, foi feito um documentário de 7,5h sobre a viagem, disponível aqui. […]

  95. […] Pero, sin lugar a dudas, el caso más curioso es el de los Slow TV que hila directa o indirectamente con el fenómeno de las cámaras de vídeo personales. Sabemos del potencial y el éxito que tienen esos vídeos de accidentes y peleas de rusos que quedan inmortalizados en Youtube. Pero, ¿sabías que este mismo año nos enterábamos de que en Noruega está causando furor un formato televisivo incomprensible, a la par que aburrido? Sus emisiones ininterrumpidas de varios días y con temáticas tan dispares como una familia de aves en un nido decorado como un bar (ver Piip-Show), o el viaje de un crucero por los fiordos y las 7 horas y media de ruta de tren entre Bergen y Oslo, han sido capaces de atraer a millones de espectadores (más información en […]

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