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This is what the year actually looks like

A few weeks back, I asked the Norwegian public what the year looks like inside their heads. It led to a deluge of responses. Here’s a summary of more than 75 000 month placements, and nearly 40 000 questionnaire responses.

GPS freaking out? Maybe you’re too close to Putin

Throughout several days in the end of June, over 20 ships reported problems with GPS reception in the Black Sea. According to experts, the problems were probably a result of an attack on the GPS infrastructure.

On architecture, 2nd post: Desking of NRK Radio

The first post I wrote on architecture is really abstract, vague and lacking of context. In this blog post I will discuss the principles of alignment between problem space vs solution space, autonomous teams and how strategy should be the driver for architecture. Instead of being general I will discuss a recent case-study from NRK Radio. […]

Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale

On architecture, 1st post: The pretentious post

The architect is possibly the most disputed and poorest understood role in software. We do not even agree what architecture is, so how could we possibly agree on what an architect is supposed to do. Developers frequently challenge the idea that we need architects at all. If we do not really know what an architect […]

Undoing the harm of layers

As we approach a new problem we look for strategies to decompose that problem. The primary axis we choose for decomposition is fundamental to the architecture of the system we build. Technological boundaries are easy to identify in the codebase, and as such it is a tempting decomposition strategy. Strategies such as domain-driven design argue […]

Securing whistleblowers

Thanks to the Tor network, sources wary of surveillance may get in touch with NRK anonymously. By using our SecureDrop whistleblower service, people can contact us without being easily traced by a third party.

Folk i NRK Medieutvikling. (Foto: Vincent Reilly, NRK)

Do you want help NRK create world-class digital user experiences?

NRK’s Department of Media Development needs more skilled professionals – people who are passionate about creating great digital user experiences. We are looking for iOS and Android developers, front-end interface developers, data scientists, a digital designer and an interaction designer/concept developer. NRK Media Development provides the streaming services NRK TV, NRK Radio, the weather service Yr, as well as, NRK […]

#NRKSJAKK´s Heidi Røneid med en Arduino Ethernet microprosessor.

NRK breaks new ground to show chess on television

When The Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) planned the television broadcast of the now ongoing Chess Olympiad 2014 in Tromsø, Norway, we encountered a challenge: How do we mix video, graphics and the results of many ongoing chess parties simultaneously? The solution included a rack full of mini-switchers, open source, HTML5 code still in beta – and a bunch of $80 miniature computers.