More images from the Commodore stand at IFA

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This post proved more popular than we could imagine. So, for the curtesy of our international readers we’ll give you the rest of our images from what Commodore had to show at IFA 2008. These are the images. Specs and stuff are covered by the good guys over at liliputing, Engadget, and at the Register.


This one was a true prototype. The screen is a nice high resolution glossy print…

Closed prototype

The prototype, closed.

Media player

They also had several media players on the stand.

Media player 2

Media player 3


Specs for one of the media players.

Laptop - Black

The black version of one of the laptops. This one running Windows XP.

Laptop - White

Laptop - White, detail

And while you’re here you can have a look at some images of the OLED screens, some design, the ultimate bachelor mouse and a video roundup from IFA (posts in Norwegian, but the images and video speaks for itself). If you’re really interested you can have a look at what this strange norwegian blog is and read about our successful experiment with BitTorrent.

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