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Securing whistleblowers

Thanks to the Tor network, sources wary of surveillance may get in touch with NRK anonymously. By using our SecureDrop whistleblower service, people can contact us without being easily traced by a third party.

Folk i NRK Medieutvikling. (Foto: Vincent Reilly, NRK)

Do you want help NRK create world-class digital user experiences?

NRK’s Department of Media Development needs more skilled professionals – people who are passionate about creating great digital user experiences. We are looking for iOS and Android developers, front-end interface developers, data scientists, a digital designer and an interaction designer/concept developer. NRK Media Development provides the streaming services NRK TV, NRK Radio, the weather service Yr, as well as, NRK […]

#NRKSJAKK´s Heidi Røneid med en Arduino Ethernet microprosessor.

NRK breaks new ground to show chess on television

When The Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) planned the television broadcast of the now ongoing Chess Olympiad 2014 in Tromsø, Norway, we encountered a challenge: How do we mix video, graphics and the results of many ongoing chess parties simultaneously? The solution included a rack full of mini-switchers, open source, HTML5 code still in beta – and a bunch of $80 miniature computers.

Which NRK do you want for the future?

English language version of «Hvilket NRK vil du ha i fremtiden?» You can use Google Translate to read the 442 comments on the original article Norway’s Minister of Culture wants input on which NRK we should have in the future. So we in NRKbeta will take on the responsibility for gathering the input of the […]

Nordlandsbanen: minute by minute, season by season

The article and all pictures used are licensed under Creative Commons, you can use all of it or parts of it in whatever way you find suitable, as long as you attribute it with the following text and clickable link to this page: Content licensed under Creative CommonsSource: The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) […]

The hunt for Albertio

Earlier this year, NRKbeta told you the story of something looking a lot like a web scam scheme somebody was trying to lure us into: Fraud 2.0: Albertio wants to stick his straw in NRKbeta’s Google Juice. Someone calling themselves Albertio Ward wanted to translate one of our articles to Bulgarian for free. After having […]

Friday Snack: The hunt for a polar explorer advertisement

The advertisement «Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.» has been a marketing litterature classic for ages. Irish polar explorer Ernest Shackleton is said to have received 5000 replies by mail. We write «said to have», because even […]

Fraud 2.0: Albertio wants to stick his straw in NRKbeta’s Google Juice

Why would anyone want to translate one of our articles to a minor European language? The story is more complex than you’d guess… NRKbeta is a technology blog operated by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. From time to time we translate our articles to English, if we think they have relevance beyond Norway. I translated this […]

On NRKbeta’s article comments

Translated from the original article in Norwegian: and back dated to the same publishing date. A while ago, I was approached with a handful of questions about the comments here at NRKbeta, what thoughts I had, and how we handle comments. Camilla Haga is doing a bachelor’s degree in media sciences at Oslo University, […]