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The NRK logo and the Terraform logo side by side.

The road to NRK’s private Terraform registry

NRK is a large technology organisation with its own platform team that runs all the shared IT infrastructure and helps other teams being able to operate their own. To make all the infrastructure as code (IaC) repositories across the organisation simpler and up to standards, we develop and share reusable Terraform modules. This is a […]

On architecture, fourth post: A change of perspective

Tl;dr; In the previous blog-posts I have argued for a functional decomposition strategy. Now I will look at an example of how not partitioning by functionality, but rather by entities, has lead to a rapid growth in complexity in our API. As I discussed in my previous post, our philosophy for new API endpoints is […]

Hjelp oss å teste ny Yr-app

Den nye Yr-appen får blant annet ny værvisualisering og legger mer vekt på å vise været her og nå. Bli beta-tester for å påvirke og teste de aller nyeste funksjonene.