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Someone could be tracking you through your headphones

“It is unpleasant knowing that others, that you don’t know, are able to track you via Bluetooth. It never crossed my mind”, an individual the NRK has identified through their headphones says.

My Phone Was Spying on Me, so I Tracked Down the Surveillants

There are 160 apps on my phone. What they’re actually doing, I don’t know. But I decided to find out. This is an English translation, read the original here. I have a feeling these apps are spying on me. Well, not listening in, but that they’re keeping track of where I am at all times. […]

Instrumentation Testing of Android Apps

Mobile applications are not easy to quality control. As the system grows in complexity, it becomes increasingly easy to break a portion of the app and overlook this during manual testing sessions. This holds true for both UI elements and the data they present. I will be focusing on how we do instrumentation testing at […]

The Daily: A Watershed Moment In News

If you’re asking me, The Daily is the best news format available today. But how can something based on yesterday feel just as fresh tomorrow? I think that’s actually part of the secret sauce. Let’s examine the sound of The New York Times more closely.

Behind the Scenes of NRK’s Latest Slow TV Experiment

Quite a lot can go wrong when producing live TV from remote locations in the mountains of Norway. Sindre Skrede explains the anxiety and hurdles of producing slow TV on foot and in areas with no cellphone reception.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel

On architecture, third post: Composing bounded contexts

Earlier I discussed how we identify bounded contexts. The example I used was implementing a system that only deals with the subdomain of desking the frontpage in a single bounded context. In this post I will discuss how we unite bounded contexts with HAL. We attempt to split the application into bounded contexts to better […]

This is what the year actually looks like

A few weeks back, I asked the Norwegian public what the year looks like inside their heads. It led to a deluge of responses. Here’s a summary of more than 75 000 month placements, and nearly 40 000 questionnaire responses.

GPS freaking out? Maybe you’re too close to Putin

Throughout several days in the end of June, over 20 ships reported problems with GPS reception in the Black Sea. According to experts, the problems were probably a result of an attack on the GPS infrastructure.

On architecture, 2nd post: Desking of NRK Radio

The first post I wrote on architecture is really abstract, vague and lacking of context. In this blog post I will discuss the principles of alignment between problem space vs solution space, autonomous teams and how strategy should be the driver for architecture. Instead of being general I will discuss a recent case-study from NRK Radio. […]

Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale

On architecture, 1st post: The pretentious post

The architect is possibly the most disputed and poorest understood role in software. We do not even agree what architecture is, so how could we possibly agree on what an architect is supposed to do. Developers frequently challenge the idea that we need architects at all. If we do not really know what an architect […]

Undoing the harm of layers

As we approach a new problem we look for strategies to decompose that problem. The primary axis we choose for decomposition is fundamental to the architecture of the system we build. Technological boundaries are easy to identify in the codebase, and as such it is a tempting decomposition strategy. Strategies such as domain-driven design argue […]