Our comment quiz module is now Open Source

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Our quiz module is now open source on GitHub.

After launching our comment quiz module, we’ve received a lot of questions about whether it’s available for download. Now it is.

The code for the plugin is available on Github.

We’ve also sent it to the WordPress Plugin Directory, but since every submitted plugin is subject to a manual review by the team, it might take some time before it’s available as a «one click install» in your WordPress admin dashboard. We’ll update this story when it’s published in the directory.

For now, if you’d like to use the plugin, follow the instructions in our GitHub-repo.

We’ve written the plugin as a two-component solution: The JavaScript part of the plugin is responsible for both writing out the quiz form and validating it, so even if you don’t use WordPress, the plugin can easily be adapted into working with your CMS.

The GitHub repo has some more detailed information on how to install the plugin.

If you have any ideas for improvements or general comments about the plugin, please let us know in the comments below!

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