Prime Minister of Norway Helps Foreign Fans of SKAM

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Erna and crew on a way to a meeting in Brussels Photo: European People’s Party (CC BY 2.0)

Today SKAM was blocked outside Norway. Both Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the Director-general of the NRK answered questions from foreign fans.

A lot of fans were really disappointed:

Óskar from Iceland was too. He (of course) contacted the Norwegian Prime Minister:

Dear Erna Solberg, why is SKAM made unavailable for international viewers on NRK’s website? It is absurd. Regards,

Óskar Steinn

It’s not weird that he asks Solberg, because it looks like she likes SKAM.

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Conservative Party

Erna replies, quicker than William, and says Óskar needs to talk to the NRK’s Director-general Thor Gjermund Eriksen.

Ask @TGEriksenNRK 🙂

Erna Solberg

Óskar seems happy to get an answer, and adds that he – if necessary – can take over as the Foreign Minister of Iceland:

If Guðlaugur Þór would have to resign, I can step in as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Óskar Steinn

Thor Gjermund says SKAM is blocked because of music rights:

Unfortunately it is due to music rights.

Thor Gjermund Eriksen

The NRK would like to avoid this, but due to demands from rights-owners, they must comply:

Would like to avoid this, because of the music used in the series, the rights owners has asked us to.

Thor Gjermund Eriksen

If you want to learn more about why this is happening, we have explained the issue of international rights before – but the article is in Norwegian. In short it says:

Within today’s music rights regime, the musical side of SKAM would either be really bland, or prohibitively expensive, if we were to aquire international rights.

Anders Hofseth, Journalist at NRKbeta

Thanks to Pétur Níelsson for helping us translate Icelandic 🙂

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