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Folk i NRK Medieutvikling. (Foto: Vincent Reilly, NRK)

NRK’s Department of Media Development needs more skilled professionals – people who are passionate about creating great digital user experiences. We are looking for iOS and Android developers, front-end interface developers, data scientists, a digital designer and an interaction designer/concept developer.

Interface developers in a cross-discipline discussion. (Photo: Vincent Reilly, NRK)
Interface developers in a cross-discipline discussion. (Photo: Vincent Reilly, NRK)

NRK Media Development provides the streaming services NRK TVNRK Radio, the weather service Yr, as well as NRK.noNRK Super and a variety of mobile apps. In addition, is is the home deparment for the digital sandbox NRKbeta – who also administer this blog.

NRK Media Development consists of designers, developers and project managers who work hard to understand the user needs of Norway’s diverse population, and who act on that insight. We think it’s fantastic when achieve our aim to find new and better ways of bringing content to people. NRKbeta keeps the conversation going with our service’s engaged audience, and all of us are committed to openness and early testing of everything we do.

We can offer an exciting, learning and innovative environment that develops services people throughout Norway care about, services they use daily and that they have strong opinions about. We are committed to developing stunning user experiences on the gadget that suits you best – be it a smartphone, tablet, TV-screen or watch – and in a way that includes everyone.
Should you be so lucky to join us, you’ll be part of a committed, happy and academically strong group that likes to work smoothly, and who work with vibrant products in collaboration with NRK’s numerous, talented and exciting content-creation enviornments.

Planning and prioritization of tasks. (Photo: Vincent Reilly, NRK)
Planning and prioritization of tasks. (Photo: Vincent Reilly, NRK)

We are looking for iOS and Android Developers

We are now seeking additional expert app developers with a desire to create tomorrow’s user-friendly and innovative services on mobile and other platforms. Feel free to specialize in Android or iOS, but we are considering, of course, also those who have experience with both. Go to vacancy advertising

Digital designer sought to NRK TV/Radio

Want to be part of a large award-winning design team of professionals in digital media? Do you have the ambition to create functional and visually stunning products that help NRK develop its strong position on TV and radio, and on new digital platforms? NRK Media Development has a vacancy for a digital designer. We are looking for a skilled professional with a passion for making world-class experiences that showcase our TV and radio streaming services, and in keeping with the rest of NRK’s ​​digital portfolio. See and apply for the position

Seeking two Data Science professionals

NRK Media Development is responsible for NRK’s ​​online services and mobile development including, Yr, and streaming services NRK TV/Radio/Super. A large number of users generate data, which together with our content data provides unique opportunities to create superior and innovative user experiences. To strengthen our efforts to provide the public with personalized services we are looking for two Data Scientists to analyze our data and create systems that provide added value to the public. See and apply for the position

NRK seeking four skilled interface developers/front end developers

Are you an ambitious interface developer with the gift of broad technical understanding? Do you want to work among capable specialists to develop world-class products? 
NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Company) has several vacancies for front end developers in Media Development. Your efforts for will develop the framework for news dissemination in a broad sense, while you’ll be more focused on the presentation of audio and video in NRK TV/Radio. For Yr we need a quality-conscious front end developer who is accustomed to working with automated testing and who likes large amounts of data. Work with NRK Super will be mostly related to NRK’s children’s universe. See and apply for the position

NRK need interaction designer/concept developer to NRK Super

Do you think that children’s media habits are particularly exciting, and something upon which you want to make your mark? NRK has a vacancy as an interaction designer and concept developer in the team working on NRK Super. We are looking for a senior interaction designer and concept developer with a passion for creating magic user experiences for children aged 2-12 years in NRK Super, and likes to play ball with and challenge editorial environments on content, formats, concepts and platforms based on deep insight into user behavior. You have the ability to work well with management and can influence our strategic direction, while playing a central role in the development team. See and apply for the position (Norwegian)

Developers in action. (Photo: Vincent Reilly)
Developers in action. (Photo: Vincent Reilly)

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