How to get a bigger screen on Nokia N95 than iPhone

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(Dette er en engelsk versjon av forrige artikkel.)

When coworker Jon Ståle managed to destroy his Nokia N95 (without sending it up with a kite) we found a very nice fix. Actually so nice that we think a lot of people would want to enhance their N95 with this one.

This will definitely be a very hard competitor to the utterly hyped Apple iPhone.

You Need:

Ødelagt Nokia N95
A Nokia N95 or another Nokia phone with video out. The phone does not need to be broken.

Powerful duct tape.

Bærbar TV
A portable TV with batteries.

Kabel til TV
A video cable for the TV.

Nokia Videokabel
The vide cable to the Nokia Phone.

Nokia N95 Bigscreen
Then you simply duct tape the TV to your arm and connect the Nokia N95. Hooray! You now have a Nokia N95 with a much bigger screen than the iPhone.

GPS på Nokia
Apple is bragging about the iPhone and Google Maps. Hah! The N95 has a GPS and built-in maps. Looks way cool on the big screen.

Web Browsing på Nokia N95
«This is the real web». Financial Times on N95. No problem. What’s all this fuzz about the browser in the iPhone?

Nokia N95 with Heroes on TV
And you should not forget that you have just extended your N95 with full live TV functionallity. Up with the antenna and tune into «Heroes».

Just to prove that this is no joke we’ve made a quick video that demonstrate the solution.

As we realized here, some work has to be done on the multitouch functionality.

So, off you go to buy some duct tape…

(For our English readers – what is NRKbeta?)

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